About Dr. Niemiec
     Dr. Niemiec's dental career began in Peñasco at the Health Centers of Northern New Mexico. After four years in public health, he branched out into private practice in Taos where he has been since 1998.

      As a graduate of The University of Texas Health Sciences Center Dental School, (the second highest ranked dental school in the nation), Dr. Niemiec is passionate about his work and is never content with anything less than the highest quality. He has a very personable manner and is always approachable and patient to answer all of your questions. He is accessible to his patients 24 hours a day for emergencies, and strives to make your office visits not only pleasant, but also enjoyable. "We are a nice office, and we only have nice patients."

      Dr. Niemiec has spent years expanding his areas of expertise with some of the highest rated training programs in the country. He spent 18 months attending courses with The Dawson Academy for occlusion and TMJ problems. 12 months of courses in Los Angeles brought him surgical training at the University of Southern California, with special emphasis on implant placement. He is certified to offer conscious sedation for the ultimate in stress-free dentistry, as well as being a certified provider of Invisalign and Smart Moves for straighter teeth without braces.

      From simple fillings, to complex full-mouth restorations, Dr. Niemiec is qualified and confident to provide varying treatment options to fit your personal goals for your dental health.

      We encourage you to come in and experience dentistry in a new and refreshing way. You deserve quality dental care in an environment that cares about you and respects you as a whole person.